#Temporary Custodians of…

‘Temporary Custodians of’ is an active theory about how spaces, places, ideas as well as buildings organisations and artworks are developed, commissioned, owned, collected, cared for and made available to whom and by whom.

Who is or can be responsible for these things and on what terms and at what cost?

Islington Mill is off to Liverpool Biennial for a group residency at The Black-E, an inspiring space that has played host to the likes of John Latham and Judy Chicago. The Black-E’s tradition of liveness and participation will be echoed in our 3-day ‘jam session’ where artists, musicians, performers, passersby, thinkers and doers share a space, collaborate and see what happens. The Black-E’s resident aerial artists ‘black&blue’ are also part of the live mix.

We will use this unique event to present and develop our recent thinking under the banner ‘Temporary Custodians of …’ #Temporarycustodiansof emerged from specific projects by Mill artists Maurice Carlin and Jen Wu. Their work pushes available models of how artworks are developed, commissioned, owned, collected, cared for and made available. Can an artwork become a shared community asset? What networks and social relations does this engender? Join us at The Black-E to explore #Temporarycustodiansof and see it in action as Carlin and Wu invite people to take away pieces of larger artworks.

Temporary Custodians goes beyond specific artworks, it has come to shape wider dialogue about our role as custodians of a building, a community and a unique creative ecology. The Mill emerged as a singular dream – to form a network of artists around the shared goal of living and working as freely and creatively as possible. The creative energy of the Mill thrives on freedom, and has survived for 17 years without revenue funding. How do we as custodians take this spirit forward and maintain our independence?

Enter the conversation and find creative ways to explore the questions. Join us at The Black-E or connect in the ether as we engage our international network in a live, 3-day google hangout.

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