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How do we move forward whilst staying independent?

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Last Weeks Question was:

Isn’t it a shame that Leigh Bowery is Dead? We would have loved to talk with him about why he did things they way that he did. Who is alive right now that shares a similar commitment to such a singular vision and way of doing things?

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4 thoughts on “How do we move forward whilst staying independent?

  1. I was thinking about the meeting today. I came up with a cultural space in Belgrade, Serbia called Inex Film. They are essentially legal squatters who propose creating a 24 hour public space. I visited them in Belgrade. They have artistic studios, a venue, bands, exhibitions, cultural events, film nights, space and so on. Independent and open by nature. Inex is interested in self-sufficiency and providing public cultural space to engage in since 2011.

    This is an interview with Marko Aksentijević (ekspedicijainexfilm.blogspot.com) is an activist and a member of the Inex Film Expedition.

    I have also had contact with the other alternative venues in Belgrade mentioned on this page.
    Both Bigz and Street Gallery are also worth investigating further.

    These places would have good experience in working independently and possibly have an exchange with though have all been around a lot less that IM. I would however describe them as not highly organised or difficult to find up to date info on online. It is possible however to get in touch with all these people via people I know in Serbia if anyone wanted to do so.

    • Had a quick look at Inex Film, again the history of space and how to maintain it and organise it is very very familiar. They are also trapped very much by the idea that arts have no value so of course they will have to move out at some point because of the private landlord.

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