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What is Islington Mill?

Islington Mill is an arts project that has been slowly and organically developing over the past 15 years. It is the base for a network of artists, thinkers and doers, who through their work explore how to do things differently.

Islington Mill offers a wide range of access points for people to come together and over time develop their work through conversation and collaboration.

Islington Mill is a 24hr building, used as a workspace, a social space, a residential space and a residency/ guesthouse.These facilities enable people to come together at different times informally around what we call the ‘kitchen table’, meaning those incidental times when people can find themselves talking to unexpected people who often, but not always, end up informing or moving ideas forward through conversation. We find that this non judgmental, loosely structured open space has had a profound effect on peoples ideas and practice and that Islington Mill is seemingly a distinct respite from many of the pressured elements that can distract or distort creative thinking which exist within most other current situations or instituation.

 What is constant meeting?

It can be hard to articulate what it is that makes Islington Mill special but it is becoming clear now over its 15 year history that most of those who have ‘been through the mill’ have a clear understanding of the environment and the attitudes that have allowed for real creative and idealogical change and development. Constantmeeting is an experiment that wishes to harness these experiences and make tangible this network of experience. As we move forward, we more than ever want to articulate this to people who have never experienced, and may never experience, this physical space and to find a mutual way of discussion to bring these people and ideas together.

Contantmeeting  is a project to try and encourage discussion and to bring people together who may have experience, ideas and thinking that can help us build a long term future, it is about broadening the ‘Kitchen Table’ experience; to make it available to people who may not readily be able to come here physically; to form another space where ideas can complement each other.

Constantmeeting will explore the many tools that are now available to us to try and create these points of conversation, including, telephone conversation, transcribed discussions published in both hard and soft copy, audio files, online meetings etc

Constant meeting launched on the 26th of September with an ad in Frieze magazine, designed to to stimulate, what may only be a very small group of people to respond by joining our conversation.

Why we are doing this?

Islington Mill is currently exploring its future, including fundraising to expand on its current Guest House model to provide a sustainable and long term future for the building and its associate activities and network.

We are becoming clearer that within this we must maintain a sense of openness, willingness and risk, embodied in the organisation going forward.  However in developing some of the fundamental elements we require, not least a business plan and funding strategies to support our capital and property aspirations, we find that tailor made solutions tend to be in opposition to the fundamental ideas of a non fixed ‘openess to possibilities’ meaning we find that we are constantly asking ‘does it have to be be this way?.

Many of the existing models are unable to sustain this level of freedom and space for organic development. Through this project we hope to meet and engage with maverick thinkers, risktaking doers and innovative investors,  who can contribute to us all achieving  a pioneering new model of creative and idealogical development, one that articulates and build on our vision of an organisation that we hope will continue questioning long into the future.


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  1. Hi there,

    I saw your ad campaign in Frieze and would really like to see Islington Mill promoted in our best selling issue of the Year – the Power 100 issue.

    Who would be best to chat with?

    Best Wishes,


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